Mission Statement

Ashkenazi Jewish men and women are disproportionately more likely to carry hereditary genetic mutations that can markedly increase their lifetime risk of cancer. Most people are not aware, and most will not have a family history. Yodeah’s mission is to educate and facilitate cost-effective testing for hereditary cancer genetic mutations in the Jewish community. Yodeah’s goal is to save lives. Knowledge is power. Knowledge saves lives.

Learn About BRCA & Other Hereditary Mutations

About Us

Elizabeth Etkin-Kramer, M.D, F.A.C.O.G. Founder

Dr. Etkin-Kramer is a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist in Miami Beach since 1993. She holds teaching positions at both FIU and University of Miami medical schools. She has a particular interest in breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment and has educated other health care providers on risk assessment, inclusive of genetic testing. As the scientific literature over the years has clearly shown that Ashkenazi Jews are more likely to inherit BRCA mutations regardless of family history, and most are unaware, she has been a vocal proponent of population based genetic testing in the Ashkenazi Jewish community.

Our Volunteers

Board Members

  • Peter Kramer, Esq.
  • Adrienne Pardo, Esq.
  • Gina Russ, Esq.
  • Caryn Shapiro-Pardo
  • Robin Straus Furlong, M.D.
  • Rabbi Laila Haas

Yodeah is so thankful to the following for volunteering their time to assist us in our mission of educating and facilitating testing for BRCA and other hereditary cancer predisposition genes prevalent in the Jewish community:

Consulting Medical Staff

Danielle Kramer, M.D.
Line Bohbot, PA-C
Dr. Elisa Krill-Jackson, M.D.

Yodeah Volunteer Posse

Caryn Duboff
Linda Katz
Andrea Kirsh
Eileen Youtie


The following organizations that have helped sponsor Yodeah.org and its lifesaving community programs: