How To Get Tested

BRCA testing is easy and inexpensive. Testing is done through a simple saliva test and sent to one of a handful of experienced genetics labs. Prior to taking the test, we encourage you to visit Before You Get Tested.

3 easy ways to get tested


At Home Kit, Ordered Online

You can order a kit directly and mail in a saliva test from home. One of the medical grade labs we work with is Color Genomics, which offers low cost genetic testing.

Click Here To Order A Color Testing Kit
Color offers a Multigene hereditary cancer predisposition panel (30 genes which includes full BRCA 1 and 2) for a discounted fee with Yodeah’s promo code KNOW30 at checkout. Post testing genetic counseling is included in the cost of the test.


Doctor’s Office or Genetic Counselor

You can see a doctor or speak with a genetic counselor who is familiar with Yodeah’s mission. Many doctors are set up to test directly in their office.

Elizabeth Etkin-Kramer, M.D.
Danielle Kramer, M.D.
Line Bohbot, PA-C
Miami Beach, Florida
For appointments call 305.674.8038

Rebecca Karsenti, M.D.
Miami, Florida
(305) 630-4100

Janet Teltscher-Mitrani, M.D.
Aventura, Florida
For appointments call 305.933.3395

Dr. Elisa Krill-Jackson
Miami Beach, Florida
For appointments call 305.535.3300

Internal Medicine
Dr. Judi Woolger
Dr. Cindy Shaffer
Agatston Center for Private Medicine
Miami Beach, Florida
For appointments call 305.538.3828

Cleveland, Ohio:
Holly Pederson, M.D.
For appointments call 216.444.3024


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